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Josh Norris Top MLB Prospects Chat (8/20/19)

Josh Norris: It is chatting time. Let us chat.

Matthew (Toronto): 

    Thanks for the chat. How projectable do you think Simeon Woods-Richardson is, physically? Also, what can you say about his potential control and command?

Josh Norris: Interesting that you bring up his projectability. A scout early in the year mentioned that, despite his age, Woods-Richardson seemed fairly filled out. As far as control/command are concerned, a second noted (unsurprisingly) that he needed to sharpen both areas, particularly when it comes to getting the ball down in the zone and to the edges of the plate.

Matt Klentak (Citizens Bank Park): 

    I selected Moniak one spot ahead of Senzel. Haseley two spots ahead of Adell. Bohm one spot ahead of Madrigal. I keep telling Mr. Middleton these things take time, but the guys I passed on appear much more talented and versatile than our guys. Should I be worried? PS -- The whole world was wrong about Pivetta this year, so there's that.

Josh Norris: I wouldn't necessarily count Bohm ahead of Madrigal as one of the Phillies' misses just yet; both are pretty good prospects and come from very different phylums, but yes, the Phillies draft track record lately, especially in the first round, has been a mixed bag at best. Nola is the only slam dunk, and JP Crawford's biggest contribution to Philly is as a piece to get Jean Segura. In re: Pivetta — The only thing that matters from spring training is health

Warren (New London): 

    J. D. Orr signed for $2500 as a 10th round pick from Wright State and is hitting .387 with a .495 on-base percentage at Batavia. Could he develop into a Brett Gardner or Adam Eaton type of player?

Josh Norris: Scouts do not show a whole lot of faith in Orr's game outside of an 80-grade run tool. He has shown very little power — two homers in more than 1,000 collegiate ABs — so it's hard to see him fitting anywhere near the mold of Adam Eaton or Brett Gardner.

Ryan (Detroit): 

    Kristian Robinson: how far away from the top 100 is he? And will his buddy Jazz Chisholm be re entering the Top 100 any time soon with his resurgence in Miami?

Josh Norris: Jazz Chisholm re-entered the Top 100 today as a matter of fact Kristian Robinson was very, very close to making it this week. So I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up on the list in short order.

Matt (Va): 

    Do you think Adley gets promoted in the last two weeks of the season?

Josh Norris: I do not except in the case that Aberdeen misses the playoffs. If that happens, I wouldn't be totally surprised to see him pop up with the mighty Shorebirds of Delmarva in the South Atlantic League playoffs.

Alex Kirilloff (Heating up): 

    After a breakout 2018 scouts hyped me as a candidate to potentially debut in 2019. Slowed by wrist injuries, I started slowly but have been heating up lately and hitting for more power. What have the scouts been saying about me this year compared to how I looked last year? Do they still see 65/70 hit and 60 power potential?

Josh Norris: We have him down as a future 70 hitter with 55 power, so that's not out of line.

Daniel (Brooklyn): 

    Have you heard anything about a couple GCL Yankees pitchers- Juan Carela and Denny Larando?

Josh Norris: I somehow saw Larrondo twice in the GCL this year, and saw a with a low-90s fastball that he can move around the zone pretty nicely with decent life to it. Stuff doesn't jump off the charts by any means, but it's a quick arm and he had a pretty good idea for a 17 year old.

Daniel (Brooklyn): 

    How much are you buying Luis Medina's month+ hot streak and could he reach AAA next year if he has cleared his "mental hurdles"?

Josh Norris: I am going to continue to beat the drum about how excellent Medina's stuff is at its best. He is freak nasty when it clicks. As someone who grew up covering Dellin Betances' struggles in the minors, I will continue to preach patience with pitchers who have three potential plus-or-better pitches like Medina. I doubt they'd move him as fast as you mentioned, but he could certainly re-shine his prospect stock.

Dan (IL): 

    While the early returns on Andrew Vaughn haven't been bad, he hasn't set the minors on fire the way I thought he would out of the gate. What do you make of his numbers so far?

Josh Norris: It's been a long season and there's probably a bit of fatigue setting in. We still believe in him a premium offensive talent.

Josh Norris: Well, to the person who asked if Adley was going to get promoted: He just was. He's headed to Delmarva. My answer, much like my body, did not age well.

Romeo (New York): 

    Josh, in your opinion what is the current state of NYY farm system and aside from the top 100 guys that they have, which names excite you? Thanks!

Josh Norris: Jasson Dominguez should be very high on the list when the Handbook comes around, and once he's eligible for our Top 100s. Oswald Peraza hasn't put up stunning numbers at low Class A Charleston, but the fact that he's there is encouraging in and of itself. Luis Gil, Alexander Vizcaino, Roansy Contreras and Luis Medina all show flashes of big potential as well.

Indians Prospects (Who do you have?): 

    Who has the better offensive ceiling between Tyler Freeman and George Valera? is it safe to say that Freeman has the higher floor but Valera has the superior ceiling? If you squint, do you see traces of a 18 year old Juan Soto?

Josh Norris: I think your assessment is safe, and Valera has the higher ceiling and Freeman the safer floor. That is not, however, to down Freeman in any way. Dude has been excellent this year and could very well be an above-average regular.

Daniel (Brooklyn): 

    Do you think any of the following will start in Charleston next season- Volpe, Cabello, Periera, Ryder Green?

Josh Norris: Maybe Pereira, but his injury cost him development time and might mean he gets there later in the year rather than in April.

RatedRookie (Ann Arbor): 

    Is Skubal gaining ground on Manning and Mize? Are you worried about Mize's relative struggles since coming back from shoulder inflammation?

Josh Norris: Yes, yes he is. Skubal's numbers are absolutely NSFW. Put it this way, he has roughly half of the strikeouts of Matt Manning this season at Erie, and he's pitched *NINETY* fewer innings.

Josh Norris: All right, folks. It's been fun. Thanks for the questions.

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