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2017 Major League Debuts: June

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Players are sorted in alphabetical order by debut date. Included with each listing is signing organization, year signed and draft round in parentheses, where applicable. Source indicates the high school, junior college, college or country from which each player signed. The BA Executive Database supplies the names of scouting directors.

An asterisk (*) denotes a 2016 major league Rule 5 draft pick.

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Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Randy Rosario, lhp, Twins 6/2 23 Twins ’10 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Fred Guerrero Director: Howard Norsetter
Austin Slater, of, Giants 6/2 24 Giants ’14 (8) Stanford
Signed By: Keith Snider Director: John Barr
Tyler Smith, ss, Mariners 6/2 25 Mariners ’13 (8) Oregon State
Signed By: Joe Ross Director: Tom McNamara
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Brad Goldberg, rhp, White Sox 6/3 27 White Sox ’13 (10) Ohio State
Signed By: Phil Gulley Director: Doug Laumann
Ben Lively, rhp, Phillies 6/3 25 Reds ’13 (4) Central Florida
Signed By: Greg Zunino Director: Chris Buckley
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Brett Phillips, of, Brewers 6/5 23 Astros ’12 (6) HS—Seminole, Fla.
Signed By: John Martin Director: Bobby Heck
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Jacob Faria, rhp, Rays 6/7 23 Rays ’11 (10) HS—Cerritos, Calif.
Signed By: Jake Wilson Director: R.J. Harrison
Ramon Torres, 2b, Royals 6/7 24 Royals ’09 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Fausto Morel Director: Rene Francisco
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Jaycob Brugman, of, Athletics 6/9 25 Athletics ’13 (17) Brigham Young
Signed By: Trevor Ryan Director: Eric Kubota
Seth Frankoff, rhp, Cubs 6/9 28 Athletics ’10 (27) UNC Wilmington
Signed By: Neil Avent Director: Eric Kubota
Francis Martes, rhp, Astros 6/9 21 Marlins ’12 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Sandy Nin/Domingo Ortega Director: Albert Gonzalez
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Josh Hader, lhp, Brewers 6/10 23 Orioles ’12 (19) HS—Millersville, Md.
Signed By: Dean Albany Director: Gary Rajsich
Sean Newcomb, lhp, Braves 6/10 23 Angels ’14 (1) Hartford
Signed By: Nick Gorneault Director: Ric Wilson
Edgar Santana, rhp, Pirates 6/10 25 Pirates ’13 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Juan Mercado Director: Rene Gayo
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Lewis Brinson, of, Brewers 6/11 23 Rangers ’12 (1) HS—Coral Springs, Fla.
Signed By: Frankie Thon Director: Kip Fagg
Domingo German, rhp, Yankees 6/11 24 Marlins ’09 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Sandy Nin/Alix Martinez Director: Albert Gonzalez
Phil Maton, rhp, Padres 6/11 24 Padres ’15 (20) Louisiana Tech
Signed By: Eddie Ciafardini/Matt Schaffner Director: Mark Conner
Nik Turley, lhp, Twins 6/11 27 Yankees ’08 (50) HS—Los Angeles
Signed By: Stuart Smothers Director: Damon Oppenheimer
Jimmy Yacabonis, rhp, Orioles 6/11 25 Orioles ’13 (13) St. Joseph's
Signed By: Dean Albany Director: Gary Rajsich
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Derek Fisher, of, Astros 6/14 23 Astros ’14 (1s) Virginia
Signed By: Tim Bittner Director: Mike Elias
Daniel Gossett, rhp, Athletics 6/14 24 Athletics ’14 (2) Clemson
Signed By: Neil Avent Director: Eric Kubota
Ronald Herrera, rhp, Yankees 6/14 22 Athletics ’11 Venezuela
Signed By: Julio Franco/Juan Carlos Villanueva Director: Dan Kantrovitz
David Washington, 1b, Orioles 6/14 26 Cardinals ’09 (15) HS—San Diego
Signed By: Jeff Ishii Director: Jeff Luhnow
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Matt Chapman, 3b, Athletics 6/15 24 Athletics ’14 (1) Cal State Fullerton
Signed By: Eric Martins Director: Eric Kubota
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Alan Busenitz, rhp, Twins 6/17 26 Angels ’13 (25) Kennesaw State
Signed By: Todd Hogan Director: Ric Wilson
Austin Maddox, rhp, Red Sox 6/17 26 Red Sox ’12 (3) Florida
Signed By: Anthony Turco Director: Amiel Sawdaye
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Michael Brady, rhp, Athletics 6/20 30 Marlins ’09 (24) California
Signed By: Robbie Corsaro Director: Stan Meek
Cam Perkins, of, Phillies 6/20 26 Phillies ’12 (6) Purdue
Signed By: Nate Dion Director: Marti Wolever
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Kyle Crick, rhp, Giants 6/22 24 Giants ’11 (1s) HS—Sherman, Texas
Signed By: Todd Thomas Director: John Barr
Andrew Moore, rhp, Mariners 6/22 23 Mariners ’15 (2s) Oregon State
Signed By: Jeff Sakamoto Director: Tom McNamara
Max Povse, rhp, Mariners 6/22 23 Braves ’14 (3) UNC Greensboro
Signed By: Billy Best Director: Tony DeMacio
Mark Zagunis, of, Cubs 6/22 24 Cubs ’14 (3) Virginia Tech
Signed By: Billy Swope Director: Jaron Madison
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Luis Castillo, rhp, Reds 6/23 24 Giants ’11 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Felix Peguero Director: Pablo Peguero
Trevor Hildenberger, rhp, Twins 6/23 26 Twins ’14 (22) California
Signed By: Elliot Strankman Director: Deron Johnson
Eduardo Paredes, rhp, Angels 6/23 22 Angels ’12 Venezuela
Signed By: Carlos Ramirez Director: Marc Russo
Ian Parmley, of, Blue Jays 6/23 27 Blue Jays ’12 (7) Liberty
Signed By: Bobby Gandolfo Director: Andrew Tinnish
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Franklin Barreto, ss/2b, Athletics 6/24 21 Blue Jays ’12 Venezuela
Signed By: Luis Marquez Director: Ismael Cruz
Ryder Jones, 3b, Giants 6/24 23 Giants ’13 (2) HS—Boone, N.C.
Signed By: Donnie Suttles Director: John Barr
Tzu-Wei Lin, 3b, Red Sox 6/24 23 Red Sox ’12 Taiwan
Signed By: Louie Lin/Jon Deeble Director: Eddie Romero
Hoby Milner, lhp, Phillies 6/24 26 Phillies ’12 (7) Texas
Signed By: Steve Cohen Director: Marti Wolever
Tyler Webb, lhp, Yankees 6/24 26 Yankees ’13 (10) South Carolina
Signed By: Adam Czajkowski Director: Damon Oppenheimer
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Chase Bradford, rhp, Mets 6/25 27 Mets ’11 (35) Central Florida
Signed By: Steve Nichols Director: Chad MacDonald
Luke Voit, 1b, Cardinals 6/25 26 Cardinals ’13 (22) Missouri State
Signed By: Dirk Kinney Director: Dan Kantrovitz
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Chris Smith, rhp, Blue Jays 6/27 28 Yankees ’13 Frontier League
Signed By: Scott Beneke
Mike Tauchman, of, Rockies 6/27 26 Rockies ’13 (10) Bradley
Signed By: Mark Germann Director: Bill Schmidt
Tyler Wade, 2b, Yankees 6/27 22 Yankees ’13 (4) HS—Murrieta, Calif.
Signed By: David Keith Director: Damon Oppenheimer
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Miguel Andujar, 3b, Yankees 6/28 22 Yankees ’11 Dominican Republic
Signed By: Coanabo Cosme Director: Victor Mata
Victor Caratini, c, Cubs 6/28 23 Braves ’13 (2) Miami Dade JC
Signed By: Buddy Hernandez Director: Tony DeMacio
Jae-Gyun Hwan, 3b, Giants 6/25 29 Giants ’17 South Korea
Signed By: Mike Kendall/Jalal Leach Director: Joe Salermo
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Dustin Fowler, of, Yankees 6/29 22 Yankees ’13 (18) HS—Dexter, Ga.
Signed By: Darryl Monroe Director: Damon Oppenheimer
Adam Kolarek, lhp, Rays 6/29 28 Mets ’10 (11) Maryland
Signed By: Jim Thompson Director: Rudy Terrasas
Alex Mejia, 2b, Cardinals 6/29 26 Cardinals ’12 (4) Arizona
Signed By: Aaron Krawiec Director: Dan Kantrovitz
Kevin Shackelford, rhp, Reds 6/29 28 Brewers ’10 (21) Marshall
Signed By: Dan Nellum Director: Bruce Seid
Ildemaro Vargas, 2b, D-backs 6/29 25 Cardinals ’08 Venezuela
Signed By: Jobel Jimenez Director: Moises Rodriguez
Player, Pos, Team Date Age Signed Source
Adrian Sanchez, ss, Nationals 6/30 26 Nationals ’07 Venezuela
Signed By: Dana Brown
Dan Slania, rhp, Giants 6/30 25 Giants ’13 (5) Notre Dame
Signed By: Kevin Christman Director: John Barr
*Glenn Sparkman, rhp, Blue Jays 6/30 25 Royals ’13 (20) Wharton (Texas) JC
Signed By: Mitch Thompson Director: Lonnie Goldberg
Nick Williams, of, Phillies 6/30 23 Rangers ’12 (2) HS—Galveston, Texas
Signed By: Jay Heafner Director: Kip Fagg

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