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MLB Mock Draft

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Our fourth mock draft of the spring is here, featuring yet another change No. 1 overall to the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Today's update is heavy on high school shortstops at the top and features a bit of a slide for both Vanderbilt righthanders Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker. It also features several rising prep names at the back of the draft. 

With the college regular season winding down, it feels like the draft should be right around the corner. However, we still have about two months to go—and teams think this year is more wide open than many recent drafts given a perceived light class at the top, and less consensus on the talent overall.

“This year I have no expectations because it is so wide open,” said one scouting director. “When I walk into that draft room the night of the draft I wouldn’t be surprised if it was completely all over the place in terms of where guys go. Just not a lot of consensus.”

While there’s not much consensus to be found, there has been a consistent group of 10-12 players who many teams seem to think will form much of the first half of the first round. Additionally, the latest buzz has been on the top high school shortstops getting pushed up the board. It’s potentially one of the best high school shortstop classes we’ve seen, so that makes sense, especially when combined with a down college hitting class, and some attrition by way of injury to the college pitching. 

There’s still time for college players to move up or down boards in the next few weeks, but here is how the first round is shaping up today in Mock Draft V 4.0.

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