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How The Orioles Scouted Mike Mussina Ahead Of The 1990 Draft

Mike Mussina's Baseball Hall of Fame retrospective

Ever wonder how a team first identifies, then tries to land, a future Hall of Famer? 

Obviously, no one at the time could've seriously projected a Hall of Fame-level career for Mike Mussina. But the Baltimore Orioles thought he had a chance to be an All-Star, and they drafted him twice, first as a high schooler and then No. 20 overall in the 1990 Draft following Mussina's Stanford career. 

Our own Kyle Glaser talked to two members of the Orioles front office at the time -- John Barr and Fred Uhlman Jr. -- about how the organization scouted Mussina in the months leading up to the 1990 MLB Draft. 

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